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» Essays Essays – Lauren N. Nile

I have written essays and articles for many years, for blogs, online magazines, hard-copy magazines, and personal fulfillment.  A collection of my writings spanning all of those media, as well as those which were never submitted for publication, follow below.


Advocate of the Year – November  2019


American Corporations – Are They Developing A Conscience…….Finally? – November 2019


The Total Injustice of the American Criminal Justice System – Race and Class Bias at Work……Again – September 2019


The Oneness of Humanity – September  2019


A Deadly Shooting at Yet Another Synagogue The Murder of Another Innocent and the Hope That it Has Spawned – May 2019


On Becoming a Muslim…..A Transformation from Hatred to Love – March 2019


Islamophobia in New Zealand – Hatred Across the Planet – March 2019


A Thank You Letter to Mrs. King – February 2018


A Holocaust Survivor…….A Story of Extraordinary Forgiveness – September 2017


Unlearning Prejudice Through the Power of Storytelling – September 2014


The Dream of a Compassionate and Just America – Deferred for Now But Not Forever – July 2012


The Inhumanity of Calling Human Beings Non-Human – April 2011


Human Greed and Human Need – April 2011


Japan’s Earthquake Tsunami Nightmare – March 2011


How Many More? Musings on the Price of Lessons Learned Slowly….A Tragedy at Virginia Tech – April 2007


The Israeli-Hezbollah War:  A Call for Balanced Compassion – August 2006


A War on Christmas – December 2005