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Introduction to the Fate of Humanity: What’s Our Bottom Line – Episode 1

In this, the first Fate of Humanity broadcast, host Lauren N. Nile will introduce herself to the listeners. She’ll share some of her early life experiences of growing up in New Orleans under segregation, and how it has impacted her life. Lauren will also introduce her listeners to the major ideas which she will be discussing throughout the many weeks to follow. She will talk about both what she believes our human species needs to know, and what we must do in order to both survive and thrive in the future. Lauren will discuss what she believes are THE three most important realities of which humanity must be aware if we are to avoid self-destruction. In this first show about the fate of humanity, Lauren will discuss spirituality, science, race, racism, and several other forms of xenophobia which she believes that as a species, we must outgrow, we must mature beyond, in order for us to have any chance at all of surviving and leaving in a peaceful, wise, compassionate world.

The Human Species…We Are All Related: Our DNA Proves It – Episode 2

In this, the second episode of “The Fate of Humanity: Crucial Conversations for Our Survival”, host Lauren N. Nile will discuss the biological oneness of humanity. Lauren will explain that all people on Earth originated in one place, at one time, and then gradually spread out to the four corners of the planet, slowly physically adapting to its many climates, giving rise to humankind’s different races. She will discuss the DNA that is common to all human beings, and make a powerful, compelling case for two things: why, as a species, we are much more alike than we are different, and why the entire human race must come to understand, respect and honor the differences that do exist among us. This is a conversation that can open your mind and expand your understanding of our human species in ways that may surprise you. Join Lauren for this fascinating call-in show.

Our Unconscious Bias…The Source and The Cure – Episode 3

In this third episode of “The Fate of Humanity”, host Lauren N. Nile will introduce listeners to the subject of unconscious bias. Specifically, Lauren will explain what unconscious bias is, and how we develop it. She will then interview Dr. Jack Straton, Associate Professor of Physics and Interdisciplinary University Studies at Portland State University. Dr. Straton will share from his perspective as a European American, how unconscious bias often shows up for many members of his racial group, and how it impacts their lives i.e., how it limits their thinking, their understanding of and compassion for others, and thus, how it limits their entire human experience i.e., how it makes their lives smaller. Lauren will then share from her perspective as an African American, how unconscious bias affects those who are the targets of it. Finally, Lauren will share why “Understanding Unconscious Bias” is one of the crucial conversations which as human beings, we must have for our survival.

Unearned Privilege – What It Is and What We Can Do About It – Episode 4

In this, the fourth episode of “The Fate of Humanity: Crucial Conversations for Our Survival”, host Lauren N. Nile discusses the issue of unearned privilege. Lauren begins by defining the term, “Unearned Privilege”, then lists a number of such privileges in several areas, including physical ability, religion, sexual orientation, sex, and race. She reminds us that both there is no guilt, shame or blame for having unearned privilege, and that in our areas of privilege, we have an important responsibility to share our privilege. Lauren then informs listeners of things that we can all do to work on dismantling systems of unearned privilege. She ends by explaining why the issue of unearned privilege is a crucial conversation for our survival.

Micro-Aggressions: A Real Education on the Experiences of Others – Episode 5

The issue of micro-aggressions is the focus of the fifth segment of “The Fate of Humanity: Crucial Conversations for Our Survival”. In her last segment, host Lauren N. Nile discussed the issue of unconscious bias. In this segment, she will describe how unconscious bias impacts the lives of those who are its recipients. Lauren will share some of her own personal experiences with micro-aggressions on the basis of race and gender. Additionally, on the show, Lauren will interview Mr. Tom Finn, President of Tom Finn Associates, a highly successful consulting firm that assists employers in working effectively with workforce diversity. Lauren and Tom have known each other for twenty seven years and have trained together many times. Together, Lauren and Tom will describe some of their experiences traveling and working together as a mixed race, mixed gender, (African American woman and European American man) team. This is a compelling show!

Common Responses in Dialogues about Racial Micro-Aggressions – Episode 6

As a society, indeed as individuals, we often lack the emotional skills necessary to have meaningful conversations about others’ experiences with racism and other forms of prejudice. Many of us are incapable of responding with empathy and compassion specifically to another’s description of their personal experiences with prejudice. The listener often even denies that the event was in fact based upon prejudice. An example is the response: “Well that happens to everybody, so it’s not because of your race”. When that happens, the conversation is usually then “dead in the water”, leaving the person describing their experience feeling both misunderstood and dismissed.That kind of denial is a Common Response in such conversations. In this show, host Lauren N. Nile will list 20 such Common Responses, and discuss how to reply effectively to them, thoughtfully and empathetically turning such conversations into powerful learning moments. Tune in to learn about this very valuable social skill.

Common Responses – Part II – Episode 7

In this, the seventh segment of “The Fate of Humanity: Crucial Conversations for Our Survival”, host Lauren N. Nile continues providing effective yet empathetic responses to the Common Responses, i.e., the denial with which many people respond to personal accounts of others’ experiences with racism and other forms of prejudice. She also comments on this show about Gandhi’s pronouncement and her belief that good always ultimately wins against evil acts and behavior. Lauren ends the show by asking European Americans to try to see the issue of Confederate statutes from her perspective as an African American. This is an eye-opening show which leaves the listener with the possibility of having gained an actual, very helpful skill in having conversations about identity-based daily indignities.

Racism and other Prejudice: Are Our Brains Wired for Them? – Episode 8

In this show, host Lauren N. Nile and her guest, Dr. Gary Bell, discuss answers to the following questions among others: Are racism and other prejudices against other human beings part of the actual circuitry of the human brain? If so, what, if any purpose do they serve? If our brains are indeed “wired” for racism and other prejudice, does that mean that there is nothing that we can do about them? Do we thus have to simply resign ourselves to them and just learn to accept them? If we do not have to accept racism and other prejudice as a natural part of human existence, i.e., if it is indeed possible to work on, minimize and perhaps even extinguish them, how do we do so? What is the exact process for doing so? Listen in to hear Lauren and Dr. Bell’s animated and very spirited discussion of these and other issues concerning prejudice. You’ll be enthralled with and fascinated by both their analysis and their personal life experiences with bigotry. Join us!

Sexism and Sexual Harassment: A Frank Discussion – Episode 9

In this, the ninth segment of “The Fate of Humanity: Crucial Conversations for Our Survival”, host Lauren N. Nile engages in a frank discussion of the very timely subject of sexual harassment. Lauren shares powerful stories of her personal experiences with sexual harassment, and explains the difference between sexism, sex discrimination, and sexual harassment. She discusses the very important question of why sexual harassers harass. She also discusses whether there is a profile of the sexual harasser, and of people who are targeted for sexual harassment. Lauren discusses how sexual harassment impacts the targeted individual, and the workplace-at-large, and advises women on how to effectively respond to sexual harassment. Finally, Lauren comments quite candidly about women’s place in the world in general. You will want to hear this enlightening show about a subject that is currently so prominent in our daily news. Be sure to listen in to learn a lot about sexual harassment!

The Reasons for Heritage History Months and Affirmative Action – Episode 10

In this, the tenth episode of “The Fate of Humanity: Crucial Conversations for Our Survival”, host Lauren N. Nile answers the following questions: “Why do we have Black History Month and all those other heritage history months, and no month for the celebration of European American history? Isn’t it racist to have a month for the history of all those other groups and not for the history of European Americans? And what about Affirmative Action? Isn’t that reverse discrimination too? Selecting people for college and jobs based on race – isn’t that the very thing we’re trying to get away from?” During this show, Lauren answers those questions clearly and directly. If you’ve ever wondered about the answers to them, or wish you could provide clearer, more persuasive answers when they arise, you definitely won’t wont to miss this show. It’s sure to be an eye-opener, and may leave you thinking, “Wow. I finally understand! Why aren’t we taught these things in high school?!”

Racism in American Politics: Another Thing We MUST Mature Beyond – Episode 11

In this, the eleventh episode of “The Fate of Humanity: Crucial Conversations for Our Survival”, host Lauren N. Nile discusses the Republican Southern Strategy and why it is crucial for us to evolve beyond the deliberate, pernicious, cynical use of racism in politics. Lauren explains the birth of the Republican Southern Strategy, shares some of the history of the strategy, and discusses how it has been used in American politics for the past fifty years. In view of the current American political climate, this is a discussion that you’ll definitely not want to miss.

The Fate of Humanity: Series Finale – Episode 12

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